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Masterclass in Manifestation
Let 2024 be the Year Your Deepest Dreams Come True!

A 5 Week Online Course

with Nancy Jean Mirales

5 Weeks to Break Free from Limitations, Magnetise Energy and Manifest Your Biggest Dreams!

I love supporting clients manifesting their biggest dreams into reality. I’ve helped people manifest health, love relationships, homes, money, weight loss, ideal job and more. For the past 3 years I have been manifesting some magnificent dreams for myself and my family using my practical & spiritual techniques for effortless manifestation. 


If you're READY NOW to starting LIVING YOUR DREAMS and creating more ABUNDANCE in your life join me for this DREAM MAKING, LIVE CHANGING JOURNEY! It would be my delight to support you manifesting your dreams. 

Meet Nancy Jean

 Chakra Expert, Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer

Hello and welcome to Your Beautiful Chakras. My name is Nancy Jean Mirales and I am the creator of Your Beautiful Chakras. Your Beautiful Chakras offers a unique approach to well-being with tools and techniques to support your unique healing journey working with the energy body.

I have been working with the chakras as the gateways to healing and wholeness for over 25 years. On a personal level it was understanding, awakening and aligning my chakras that turned my life around after I experienced a trauma in my early 20’s. Once I experienced chakra alignment and chakra wholeness I knew that I had to share this joyful and powerful work with others. My lifelong passion has been sharing the healing power of the chakras and guiding others on how to access their chakra energy to heal and enhance their lives.

My online courses, 1 to 1 private sessions and chakra retreats are all designed to offer a fresh approach to overcoming stress, anxiety, trauma and unhappiness. It is my vision to demystify working with  the energy body and I have created tools, techniques and resources where you can achieve EVERYDAY TRANSFORMATION.

It's simply been my passion helping others open to their full potential and begin manifesting their dreams into reality.  This work is specifically for those who are ready to actively participate in co-creating their best life yet. If you feel called to this work please don’t hesitate to book a session or join a course. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

1000 blessings,

Nancy Jean


What I Specialize In ...





Chakra Healing & Alignment

Clear Mind/Healthy Body

Personalized Chakra Healing Plan

"Healing happens in a heartbeat. Wherever you are on your healing path, if you feel the call to embrace a new healing pattern I am here to support your journey."

                                          Nancy Jean Mirales

Nancy’s work and the clearing of my chakra's has hugely empowered me. I have tried many self-development tools before.

Where Nancy makes the difference is that she brings the body into the healing. Since the very first practice we shared I feel more grounded, lighter, stronger and more connected to life, myself, others and the universe. 

Since then, I have grown heaps and every course I do with her connects me deeper to my chakra's and myself. As a result, I am more confident and have now become a really good manifester!

Beatrice, Perth AU

"I've done a lot of healing with other healers but I needed to go a little deeper. During our 9 week journey I felt so nurtured, loved & guided. Nancy has a way of building a foundation for your healing with integrity, gently opening up you to each your chakras powers.


My wounded root, sacral and solar plexus chakras are now balanced  and I am now stepping into my full power as a woman, mother,wife and light worker. I am now more open to my soul’s gifts &

 Brandy Thiel, Lightworker, Bonnens Ferry Idaho

"Nancy helped me heal from a failed, abusive, life shattering
marriage. She restored self-confidence and gave me tools to moveforward in my life. She is truly a gem!

The sessions with Nancy gave me a sense of empowerment I had never experienced. Her intuitive abilities enabled me to feel a genuine healing during dark moments. She left me with hope.

Nancy helped me to feel at peace with my body and challenges I was facing. She has a genuine interest in her clients and goes above and beyond to provide help."

Lynne W. Clarksville, TN

Special Offer - 2 for 1 Private Sessions 

Private Sessions

Enjoy 2 Sessions for the Price of 1!


If you would like support overcoming a particular issue, trauma or would like to have an in depth evaluation of your chakras Nancy Jean is her to support you.


Sessions are via Zoom and if you wish recorded.

The benefit of 2 Sessions is that you will have a follow up that will support your healing journey.

Nancy Jean will access her many techniques share a healing modality that is right for you. 

Cost: £95 ($125 US Dollars)

Please make a payment via PayPal. Nancy Jean will contact you to schedule an appointment that works for you.

You can always ocntact Nancy Jean directly at:

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