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The Art of Manifestation

A 5 Week Practical & Spiritual Online Journey

with Nancy Jean Mirales

Let 2022 be the Year Your DREAMS Come True

We have seen, felt and lived a rough 2 years. If you feel fearful, lost, depleted, and out of sync with your souls path the time is now to start to reclaim your vison, your power and your joy to create and live your deepest and wildest dreams. I’m talking the big dreams that you didn’t think you could have, the dreams that you believed were out of your reach, the dreams you believed you couldn't achieve. There is now an urgency to say YES to your dreams.


If you hear the calling join this powerful Masterclass series to make your dreams come true!


Masterclass - The Art of Manifestation - The Doors are Opening

This is celebration for me as I am once again opening the doors to sharing my chakra based practical approach to manifesting your best life and living your biggest dreams. I’ve had a wee hiatus while I manifested a new life for myself and my family, one that came to me in a dream 16 years ago. Using my Sacred Soul Evolution Techniques & Practices, which weaves the practical and spiritual together I was able to manifest a dream, literally a dream, into a lived reality. It was a deeply healing journey and I feel that now is time to share this with you and guide you into living your dreams too! 

It all starts with a question…..

What is the most important thing you can manifest for yourself right now?

When I ask people about what they want to manifest they list their wants & desires like they are reading a shopping list, a list of to do's void of joy, enthusiasm, excitement. The energy is flat and doesn’t represent their hearts deepest wish. An essential part of this course is supporting you aligning with your deepest wish, the most important thing that you can manifest in your life that will make a positive change for your, your family and even your community. Once this is revealed the journey begins and the universe responds!


Discovering Your YES!

When your hearts wish is revealed it has an energetic signature that when spoken there a huge YES! A YES that you can feel and when shared with others they feel your YES too! We start with your YES and start manifesting!


In this course you get clarity, uncover your deepest wish and create an POWER INTENTION that will have its own energetic signature that supports your path to joyful and effortless manifestation.

Removing the Blocks that Keep you Stuck...

This 5 weeks online journey will offer you both practical and spiritual techniques for removing blocks, overcoming trauma, banishing limited beliefs and taking positive proactive steps that lead you to your dream!

I have helped hundreds of amazing people like you align with the energy of manifestation. They have manifested love, financial abundance, homes, new careers, relationships, physical health, and profound healing.

Working with my Sacred Soul Evolution Techniques & Practices, supports you:

  • Removing the blocks that kept you feeling stuck

  • Healing past & current trauma

  • Aligning with the your innate power to manifest effortlessly

  • Banish depression and experience more joy

  • Discovering your YES!

  • Set a clear, focused intention that immediately begins the process of calling your dream to you.

  • Accessing the power and energy of your chakras


The Details

Dates to be Announced

Plus 1 Hour Personal Consultation with Nancy Jean via Zoom

8am New York

11am Los Angeles

10am US Alaska

11am Los Angeles

7 pm UK Time

8 am New Zealand***



Masterclass 1: The Art of Manifestation - Awakening Your Dreams & Creating an Empowered Intention 

Masterclass 2: The Art of Manifestation - Reclaim Your Vision and Banishing Limiting Beliefs

Masterclass 3: The Art of Manifestation - Heart Healing - Inner Child Healing & Releasing Trauma

Masterclass 4: The Art of Manifestation - Magnetizing Your Intention - Increasing Vitality & Confidence

Masterclass 5: The Art of Manifestation - Bringing it Home - Grounding into the Path of Your Dreams

Plus 1 Hour Personal Consultation with Nancy Jean via Zoom



 $249.00 US Dollars

£189.00 British Pounds

$300 NZ Dollars

€225 European Euros

Contact Nancy Jean for other payment options:

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Nancy’s work and the clearing of my chakra's has hugely empowered me. I have tried many self-development tools before.

Where Nancy makes the difference is that she brings the body into the healing. Since the very first practice we shared I feel more grounded, lighter, stronger and more connected to life, myself, others and the universe. 

Since then, I have grown heaps and every course I do with her connects me deeper to my chakra's and myself. As a result, I am more confident and have now become a really good manifester!

Beatrice, Perth AU

"I've done a lot of healing with other healers but I needed to go a little deeper. During our 9 week journey I felt so nurtured, loved & guided. Nancy has a way of building a foundation for your healing with integrity, gently opening up you to each your chakras powers.


My wounded root, sacral and solar plexus chakras are now balanced  and I am now stepping into my full power as a woman, mother,wife and light worker. I am now more open to my soul’s gifts &

 Brandy Thiel, Lightworker, Bonnens Ferry Idaho

"Nancy helped me heal from a failed, abusive, life shattering
marriage. She restored self-confidence and gave me tools to moveforward in my life. She is truly a gem!

The sessions with Nancy gave me a sense of empowerment I had never experienced. Her intuitive abilities enabled me to feel a genuine healing during dark moments. She left me with hope.

Nancy helped me to feel at peace with my body and challenges I was facing. She has a genuine interest in her clients and goes above and beyond to provide help."

Lynne W. Clarksville, TN

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